The name of the area is very important. It's the keyword that connects the area to the address database and is what keeps track of how many possible applications there can be in the area. The name has to be spelled exactly like it is spelled in the address database when uploaded or the import will fail.


If there are many areas, it might be convenient to group them in the list. The list will the sort on group first and then on name


Upload a JPG or PNG image of the area, preferably at least 800 pixels wide. This image will be rescaled to form the thumbnail image for the area, as well as the enlarged version, when clicked upon.


If you enter a web address in this field, the user will be forwarded to that place when visiting this area. This is useful if you have a campaign website for this particular area.


Artikel kopplat till området
Artikel kopplat till fasen
Den specificerade artikeln nedan:


Procent visar beställningar istället för intressegrad
Visa procent
Visa alltid knappen for intresseanmalan
Article tied to area
This enables the possibility to have a text that's connected to the area, regardless of what phase it's in.

Article tied to phase
This enables an article that's tied to the phase, and is the same for every area in the same phase

Specified article
Search for an article to have it displayed on the page when viewing this area.

Select the order the above articles should be shown in, if you have selected more than one.


Here you can add a number that will be calculated as the percentage for this area, meaning that you can cheat and show a higher number for this area than has actually made an interest application or ordered a connection.

The number should not be the percentage, but rather the number of interest applications that should be shown, or orders.

So, if an area today has 200 buildings and you have 50 applications, the percentage would show 25%, to cheat and show 50%, you would enter the number 100, which is 50% of the total number of buildings.

Remember to remove this number should the actual percentage be a more attractive numer. The actual percentage can be seen in the "Data" tab on the area page.